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Climateflux is part of the LamoLab team, bringing expertise in microclimate sensing and mapping to address the climate emergency for agriculture and wine production.
Climate change is causing tremendous shifts in wine production: temperature increases push winemakers to previously unlikely terroirs, bringing many of today’s established wine regions under pressure. Also in Chianti, vintners are harvesting their grapes three weeks earlier than they did the 1960s and their wines have higher alcohol content.
Our contribution is targeted to measure microclimatic conditions in wine-yards and to indicate measures for mitigation.

Since 2015 interdisciplinary research activities focus on terraced vineyards with dry-stone walls. Particular focus is placed on the way in which these vineyards modulate the local micro-climate in such a way as to facilitate the growing of high quality red vine at higher altitude. This involves multi-modal data acquisition through different surveying methods including ortho-photography and thermography with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and terrestrial stationary and mobile measure-stations. The acquired data is integrated in a multi-scale and multi-domain model.

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