Digital Futures 2020

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We are very excited to announce our workshop “Computing Urban Health“ within the global education initiative Digital Futures 2020 a week of 24/7 Free Online Workshops & Lectures about the future of architecture, computation, Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Design and more. Driven by climate emergency this workshop aims to highlight the interactions between the built environment and its effects on human health. During this one week workshop, we will present tools and methods to compute urban health combining lectures and input talks by researchers and professionals from different disciplines to underline the interdisciplinary character of our approach.

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Climateflux is part of the LamoLab team, bringing expertise in microclimate sensing and mapping to address the climate emergency for agriculture and wine production.

Climate change is causing tremendous shifts in wine production: temperature increases push winemakers to previously unlikely terroirs, bringing many of today’s established wine regions under pressure. Also in Chianti, vintners are harvesting their grapes three weeks earlier than they did the 1960s and their wines have higher alcohol content.

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Honorable mention for the school campus in Schramberg

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The city of Schramberg intends to develop a new school campus and a daycare center for children in the valley town, as part of an urban redevelopment project. In addition, a possible further development of the school area is to be examined in an urban planning ideas section.

The handling of the distinctive topography is of particular importance. The partly inclined terrain will be terraced and zoned into areas with different spatial qualities. The result is a differentiated composition of steps, ramps and walls that mediate between the different levels. This creates a discreet distance between the public space and elevated plateaus of the school’s outdoor spaces.

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