Honorable mention for the school campus in Schramberg

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The city of Schramberg intends to develop a new school campus and a daycare center for children in the valley town, as part of an urban redevelopment project. In addition, a possible further development of the school area is to be examined in an urban planning ideas section.
The handling of the distinctive topography is of particular importance. The partly inclined terrain will be terraced and zoned into areas with different spatial qualities. The result is a differentiated composition of steps, ramps and walls that mediate between the different levels. This creates a discreet distance between the public space and elevated plateaus of the school’s outdoor spaces.
The school building, gymnasium, daycare center and the auditorium are connected by a continuous open space that can be used and accessed by the public. A canopy of trees forms the entrance gate to the campus and at the same time provides its spatial closure. The public access area becomes an interesting spatial continuum with square expansions, shielded niches and spatially closing constrictions. At the intersection of the east-west and north-south connections, the topographical elements condense to form the focal point of the outdoor facilities. The result is a square that fulfills its function as a distributor between the buildings, the sports facilities and the urban environment. But it is also a place with a special quality of stay, with seating, shady trees and the outdoor foyer of the gym.
In this project, Climateflux brought its expertise through a consultancy for daylight and indoor comfort modeling and for the energy concept. The idea was to provide sufficient daylight in the classrooms and preventing the spaces from overheating by considering the specific comfort requirements.

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