Landkreisentwicklungskonzept Freising

Freising, Germany
In Progress
District of Freising

Project description:

Climateflux, in collaboration with STUDIO | STADT | REGION, has been commissioned to update Freising’s District Development Concept (Landkreisentwicklungskonzept). Home to several world-class research and higher education institutions, as well as one of the busiest airports in Europe, the District of Freising is facing increasing pressure to develop while safeguarding its energy sovereignty, and important natural and agricultural capital. Our winning proposal seeks to develop a spatial concept through the lens of 4 pillars: urban development, landscape, climate, and energy.  
Integral to this work is Freising’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality. As climate governance is a relatively new concept, most local authorities do not have a single point of accountability for climate action coordination, nor do their plans and policies account for those at the regional or national level. Our data-driven approach establishes surface area as a common denominator for negotiation in this multi-stakeholder process. We connect, analyse and visualise the disparate targets in spatial terms in order to identify gaps and opportunities, and simulate development scenarios that account for the interdependencies, energy requirements and spatial impacts of Freising’s climate goals.