Climatewalks in Amman

Amman, Jordan
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Praxis studio

Project description:

During the Climatewalk experiment in Amman (Jordan), the previous experiment setup has been combined with physiological measures, through precise and continuous skin temperature measurements. The experiment was designed to understand interdependencies of microclimate conditions within varied range of daily activities integrating the topic of adaptation in outdoor spaces. Furthermore, involving members of the local administration and citizens allows to generate a participatory approach to gain knowledge about their point of views and to generate consciousness about the environmental conditions and how they affect the way people use public space.
The Climatewalks produced data that gives evidence to phenomena that can be used to redirect planning and design strategies to the Greater Amman Municipality and the Ministry of Environment, in order to use the methods on a larger scale.