Climate Active Envelopes

2022 - 2025
In Progress

Project description:

The aim of the project is to develop and verify a product configurator that enables the parametric generation of site-specific, environmentally active building envelopes by integrating technical and design planning, climatic simulation and digital manufacturing. With the help of this configurator, planners, developers and architects can activate the positive climatic and environmentally active properties of facades by specifically adapting the geometric and physical properties of ceramic wall elements, thus counteracting climatically undesirable effects such as local heating (urban heat island) in an urban context. The implementation of the optimized façade geometry is realized with the help of the conceptual design and implementation of an automated production process. Between the applicants, an innovative and complete digital process chain will be created for a product-oriented system solution, which can contribute substantially to a positive transformation of our cities and can later be established globally.


Leipfinger-Bader GmbH

Technical University of Munich
TT Professorship Digital Fabrication


HeiQ Materials AG